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KORPSxCollection has an insanely unique origin story. KORPSx, born Ronald Andrade, is an american krump dancer and hip hop choreographer. With over a decade of experience dancing beginning in 2008, KORPSx mission is to expand his horizons through his artist expressions.

KORPSx has humble beginnings that begin in the rural city of Pembroke, North Carolina. While living in the Carolina's KORPSx found his love for dancing while watching So You Think You Can Dance, Showtime at the Apollo, and mostly America's Best Dance Crew. The journey began shortly after that year when KORPSx moved to Oxnard, California. The move west also included an acceptance on to one of the Nation's best hip hop male dance team at the high school level. CIHS All Male from Oxnard, California is a multiple national championship winning team with a long history of success. KORPSx danced with that team until he graduated in 2011. After graduation, KORPSx joined the LA chapter of the Academy Of Villains Dance Company. With this company directed by world renowned dancers Pharside and Krystal Jennings, a young KORPSx took his dance to a new level.

KORPSx in 2015 began to study krump dancing in the LA area. Los Angeles is the home of krump, and that is where the chase began. KORPSx began his krump career as an understudy to Dread, a world class dancer and competitor. As a rookie in krump KORPSx won many battles also winning the Rookie Next Gen Tournament Judged by the creator of Krump Tight Eyex.

KORPSxCollection wants to unite multiple forms of artistry and showcase it around the world through our clothing and various pieces of merchandise. We bring together artist,dancers,musicians,poets, and many more talents for your enjoyment. KORPSx is an acronym for Krump Offers R People Self eXpression. Originally spelled Korpse, after one of our founders' lifelong friend. A friend who lost his life way too early, a victim to gang violence. KORPSx revived the name to not only remember a friend, but to honor him and the millions of other people lost to the streets. KORPSx not only strives to provide the best fashion for everyone, but also to show that we all share similar pains. All across the world, there is a skeleton in a closet. Our statement, is that it's okay. Our corpse is what makes us real.

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